VALAR is active in the construction of high-standard private projects, with particular experience in residential buildings, in Athens and mainly in the southern suburbs where it is based. The Company is staffed by highly qualified engineers with many years of experience in the field of construction.

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The company’s goal is to build projects that stand out for their high aesthetics and functionality, with respect for both the customer and the environment. We apply innovative solutions and materials that respond to new market trends as well as the continuous development of construction methods.

We build buildings with durability and longevity by setting high standards and complying with all construction regulations. We choose well-qualified partners/workshops and excellent quality materials with all the necessary certifications, while at the same time there is continuous monitoring and supervision of the projects from the initial stages of planning to their completion.

Our philosophy is to create buildings that are environmentally friendly and fully in harmony with it. By applying the appropriate design and construction methods (underfloor heating, photovoltaics, external insulation, etc.) and choosing the right materials, we achieve a low energy footprint and high-efficiency energy buildings

Finally, our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Building long-term relationships based on integrity, personal contact and meaningful interest are fundamental principles. Our goal is to respond to the needs of customers by offering high quality services.